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Yintai Land successfully holds Hangzhou Binjiang South Urban Development Forum
Release Date:November 2,2021
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The “Future Aspirations —— Binjiang South Urban Development Forum”, organized by Yintai Land’s Daicun Xiannv (Fairy) Lake project was held at Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel on October 30.


“New cities” and “residential iteration” were the two main themes of the forum. Participants brainstormed forward thinking ideas and carried out discussions related to Hangzhou’s “southern expansion policy” and the future development direction of Binjiang South.


Lu Sheng, Vice President of Yintai Land and Chairman of Hangzhou Yintai Rural Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd. said in his speech that after 25 years of contributing to the building of Hangzhou, Yintai Land would now consolidate Yintai’s comprehensive operational advantages, and embark on a journey of transformation from a “single business development model” to a “multi-dimensional development model”. Meanwhile, it would present an “international lakeside resort” based on Xiannv Lake, the last lake district in Daicun and the urban district of Hangzhou, that will comprehensively integrate city and landscape, residence and office, business and art, as well as living and industry.


Yintai Land, which has benefited from the development experience of Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77, is familiar with the significance of lakes and mountains in relation to Hangzhou, as well as coordinating the relationships between mountains and waters as well as culture and city. Yintai Land will integrate its investment promotion experience as well as its commercial and hotel operational experience into picturesque Xiannvhu Town, and introduce a globally advanced intelligence industry, luxury product brand and lifestyle so as to create a comprehensive urban product by the lake and mountains.




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