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Yintai Group ranked among 2021 Top 500 China Enterprise Charities
Release Date:December 21,2021
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The release of the list of 2021 Top 500 China Enterprise Charities and the 5th China Enterprise Charity Forum were held on December 18. Yintai Group was ranked among the “2021 Top 500 China Enterprise Charities”.


This year’s Forum was jointly organized by the organizing committee of the China Enterprise Charity Forum, Fuling District Committee of the CPC, Chongqing, the people’s government of Fuling District, Chongqing, and The Entrepreneur magazine, among others. The theme of the Forum, “Wealth and Responsibility – the Value of an Enterprise”, is aimed at comprehensively and objectively showcasing the philanthropic achievements of Chinese enterprises, and promoting the spirit of Chinese enterprises’ dedication to philanthropic undertakings.


Yintai Group has since its inception, actively performed its social responsibilities, and repaid society. In 2014, it established Yintai Foundation in Beijing in the hope of taking part in public interest and philanthropic undertakings in Chinese society, and to better reflect Yintai people’s social accountability so as to spur social progress with philanthropy. After years of hard work, Yintai Foundation has provided strong support to the development of talent for public interest and philanthropy, ecological conservation, history and culture as well as livelihood assistance and support.

At the Forum, Yintai Foundation, an enterprise representative, shared the various projects and programs that the Group had initiated in the social and public interest arena based on the topic “Enterprise philanthropy and public interest development”. In the future, Yintai Foundation will continue to adhere to the philosophy of “platform thinking and shared value”, actively expand project collaboration, and leverage its resource advantages to contribute more to the development of social and public interest undertakings.

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