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Another first store harvester is born: “Pop Fun” takes the stage at Huzhou Aishan Intime City
Release Date:December 21,2021
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With the theme “Pop Fun is Here!”, Zhejiang Huzhou Aishan Intime City was officially launched on December 18.



Located at the Aishan business district in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, Huzhou Aishan Intime City has gross floor area of 50,000 m2 and retail floor space of 20,000 m2. As the Yintai Retails’ first renovated project, Huzhou Aishan Intime City took just 115 days from the start of renovation to business commencement. It overcame numerous hardware restrictions, and reemerged in Huzhou with a brand new look.

This time, more than 50% first store brands were introduced at Huzhou Aishan Intime City, including POPMART, Champion, and chuu, and were warmly welcomed by and won praise from customers. It is worth highlighting that Huzhou Aishan Intime City has specifically targeted the Z generation customer group in many of its first store brands. In particular, it has created the first Z generation block in Huzhou focused on the likes and passions of younger consumers by putting together circle culture, sophisticated knick-knacks, pet lifestyle, photographic aesthetics and other dynamic forms of business.


The opening of these first stores will adequately meet local consumption needs, making up for deficiencies resulting from a mismatch between supporting facility experience and dining in the business district. Aishan Intime City will be the trendsetter of a chic lifestyle and help improve consumer experience. In addition, Aishan Intime City has also built Huzhou’s first meta themed space. Scenarios have been used to create an immersive experience, attracting countless visitors.


The successful unveiling of Huzhou Aishan Intime City signifies not only the birth of a brand new lifestyle exploratory venue and a chic landmark, but also a breakthrough attempt by Yintai Retails at renovating an existing project. Going forward, Huzhou Aishan Intime City will adopt refined management to further create a warmer lifestyle venue and new urban space focused on the needs of a new generation of consumer groups, and work together with its partners to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

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