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Zhejiang Tonglu Intime City: An immersive indoor eco-shopping experience with an outdoor landscape
Release Date:January 4,2022
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On December 31, 2021, Tonglu Intime City, meticulously planned by Yintai Group, officially opened for business in Tonglu, “China’s County of Poetry”.



Located in a multi-functional zone where the local technology and emerging strategic industries are situated, Tonglu Intime City is the new landmark of the county. This first local one-stop shopping center, with gross floor area of 173,700 m2 and retail space of 109,000 m2, offers visitors dining, entertainment and retail options.


Of the 249 quality brand stores that have opened, more than 160 are exclusive brands new to Tonglu. The comprehensive range of businesses here, including fashion retail, dining, family-oriented and lifestyle services, will meet all the shopping and living needs of Tonglu consumers.


Of particular note is Tonglu Intime City’s effort to make its shopping center an urban garden by introducing the “forest ecosystem shopping center” concept for the first time. With a design theme based on the concept of the four seasons and 8,000 cubic meter installed indoors, Tonglu Intime City resembles an “internal outdoor park” filled with greenery and water features. It is as if Tonglu’s landscape has been transported into the shopping center. Responding actively the nation’s carbon neutrality policy, a natural lighting system has also been adopted, helping cut carbon emission. The “Wizard of Oz” like shopping experience stresses all the more a healthy and natural lifestyle that is aesthetically pleasing, achieving harmony between humanity and nature, architecture and space.


At the same time, to tie in with Tonglu Intime City’s main building, a large full color LED display resembling a lantern has been created, with each panel boasting its own aureole. An ultra large water curtain feature also runs through the second and third floors. These have become popular internet photo spots for young people.


We look forward to this commercial complex, which boasts a diverse range of businesses covering retail and dining, entertainment and recreation, sports, children and lifestyle services, to continue to inject vitality and dynamism into Tonglu, thus providing a more diverse public space and a better lifestyle for urban living as well as more pleasant surprises for business innovation. 

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