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In 2022, the light of Yintai is lit for you
Release Date:January 4,2022
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Perhaps 2022 arrived before you even had time to bid a proper farewell to 2021. Regardless of how the past year had turned out to be, the first rays of light in the New Year will light up your life, one of which is the light of Yingtai. These will disperse the doubts in your heart and illuminate hope for the future, bringing heartfelt blessings, and good expectations. Let’s have a look~ 

1. Beijing / Flowing light

At Beijing Yintai Centre, the festive season light show themed “2022 Let There Be Light” was unveiled. A flowing lighted “sculpture” has been created using light and colors along Chang’an Avenue.



This is a gift for busy city dwellers. It is hoped that the bright cheerful colors will alleviate their stress, help them out of their plight, surmount challenges, and create new starting points, refueling their passion!

2. Hangzhou / Light of Music

In Hangzhou, Hubin in77 launched its winter wonderland season with a visual symphony themed “The Wonderful Land”, lighting up a 1,000-meter pedestrian street spanning zones ABCDE. Sooya Studio’s nationwide inaugural exhibition was launched at the same time, adding to the festive atmosphere.


The entire wall was inlaid with Baroque architectural decorations. From the pedestrian street to the banks of the West Lake, the ancient gray walls, bricks and tiles were illuminated, as if one were strolling in a golden hall in Vienna. The whole street looked resplendent and magnificent.


At Western Hangzhou Intime City, music lit up the “light” in everyone’s hearts. An open mic was made available at the venue so that everyone can express the “light” in their heart with a song.


3. Chengdu / The retro light of winter warmth

At Chengdu Yintai Centre in99, a swathe of auspicious New Year red awakened a long-lost retro romance. In the middle of that stage, you are that brightest star.



May your heart be filled with light and perpetual hope!

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