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Further enhancement of the digital business ecosystem. Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77 and Western Hangzhou Intime City among the first batch of smart business districts in Zhejiang
Release Date:January 5,2022
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The recently announced list of the first batch of provincial-level demonstration smart business districts in Zhejiang includes Hangzhou Hubin Smart Business District, where Hubin Yintai in77 is located, and the Western Hangzhou Intime Smart Business District with Western Hangzhou Intime City as its core.

With Hubin Pedestrian Street where in77 is located as its core, the Hangzhou Hubin Smart Business District presents a digital business ecological landscape of "one flower and one leaf", offering a business system with diversified, distinctive and differentiated brands.


Unlike the other smart business districts on the shortlist, Western Hangzhou Intime Smart Business District was the only independent business complex. With a gross floor area of approximately 400,000 square meters, its inner and outer streets offer 290,000 square meters of retail space, a serviced apartment building and five Grade A office buildings, and the permanent resident population within 3 kilometres of the district is more than one million. It is the commercial centre of the largest size and with the highest footfall and sales in Western Hangzhou.


With the Intime City commercial complex as its core, Western Hangzhou Intime Business District uses various management and operation systems such as ERP system, CRM system, smart parking system, and smart fire protection system, and accesses business information such as APP and ERP independently developed by merchants to engage in statistical monitoring and consumption analysis of human traffic flow, business operations, business vitality, commercial hotspots, etc.

Hubin Yintai in77 and Western Hangzhou Intime City are undoubtedly important examples of the digital reform of smart business districts. The hope is to make use this opportunity to continuously improve the consumption and service experience offered by Intime in terms of food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping, and help the local government build its smart business districts into important showcases of the vitality and vibrancy of the city.

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