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Creating a cultural and artistic highland in the CBD area. Unveiling of the "City Confession" series of exhibition at Beijing Yintai Centre.
Release Date:January 12,2022
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The third chapter "Exploration" of the "City Confession" series of exhibition jointly presented by Beijing Yintai Centre and ArtoutLab was officially unveiled at Beijing Yintai Centre recently. The exhibition invited artist Chai Wentao to express his heartfelt confession of love to Beijing on behalf of Beijing Yintai Centre through the form of resident creation. The exhibition will be displayed in the windows of the Yintai office building from January 4 to April 2, 2022.  


The artist walked the streets of Beijing for 72 hours to record life in the city with photography and video before undertaking in recreation that used these unique cultural elements of Beijing to produce digital graffiti works that are highly personal.



As the only seven-star building in the CBD area, Beijing Yintai Centre places great emphasis on creating a cultural and artistic highland in the area. In this creation, the artist cleverly hides the unique elements of Beijing Yintai Centre in the window displays, and uses cheerful festive colours and auspicious Beijing phrases to create a Spring Festival atmosphere, expressing Beijing Yintai Centre’s New Year's wishes and greetings to the city of Beijing and all its visitors.

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