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Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel: A “Home for Angels” during the Spring Festival
Release Date:January 30,2022
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Hangzhou had a total of 44 confirmed cases as at 14:00 hours on January 29. At Hangzhou’s Binjiang District, many medical staff and volunteers continued to fight at the frontline of pandemic prevention and control during this Spring Festival holiday.


Of its own volition, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel took up the important mission of hosting the medical workers who arrived at Hangzhou to assist in fighting the pandemic. Upon receiving the relevant notice at 8am on January 29, a team, led by the head of the hotel and the emergency management team, completed preparations for the relevant accommodation and dining services for more than 300 medical workers from Tonglu in just over three hours.


The medical workers arrived at the hotel at around noon. By then, the front desk had already prepared the room cards, and swiftly checked in the medical workers, as well as helped them with their luggage. It was a picture of order at the site. In terms of dining, the hotel has formulated a special menu according to practical considerations. Most of dishes have been prepared with local ingredients, and focused on balanced nutrition, so that all may partake of the meals with peace of mind and in comfort, ensuring that the working team and medical workers can perform their duties worry free.



Meanwhile, the hotel embarked on a 24-hour logistics support work model. It has mobilized all available resources and has done its best to meet the living requirements of all medical workers staying at the hotel. Although unable to reunite with their family members during the Spring Festival, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel has been doing its utmost to offer professional services to provide a temporary home for these pandemic fighting angels so that they can feel at ease and warmth.


We salute all medical workers and volunteers who have worked hard to safeguard us during these extraordinary times! Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel will continue to work hard to ensure that the services it offers is up to standard so that the medical workers can continue to be full of energy, and win the war against the pandemic. Go, Hangzhou! Three cheers for Hangzhou!

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