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A little TLC from Yintai to our heroes of the pandemic fight
Release Date:January 30,2022
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On the afternoon of January 30, the staff of Tonglu Intime City, on learning that Tonglu medical staff will be sent to Hangzhou to help fight the pandemic, quickly put together 350 care packs with thank you notes for the heroes of the pandemic fight. These care packs, from design content to production, took just two hours.



As the staff assisting in the fight against the pandemic are required to undergo PCR test and isolation for observation upon return to Tonglu, in line with government protocol on pandemic prevention and control, the care packs from Yintai Tonglu Intime City were first sent to the chief of the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Tonglu, He Jinqiao, who thanked Yintai Group on behalf of all Tonglu medical staff involved in helping Hangzhou fight against the pandemic. After the isolation is completed, the directors of each hospital will send a representative to deliver the care packs to the medical staff.


Earlier, Yintai Group’s Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel, while hosting the Tonglu County medical staff who were assisting Hangzhou, also launched a series of benefits, including complementary room upgrade to luxury suites, Sheraton Club Lounge privileges, and free dinner buffets, among others.

We know in our hearts that heroes don't descend from the sky. Rather, they are ordinary people who come forward to do extraordinary things. Yintai humbly salutes those who brave danger and adversity!


Pandemic prevention and control is a long drawn out battle, but the dark night will pass eventually, and dawn will arrive. Together with all medical workers, Yintai Group will build a “pandemic” prevention and control great wall, and provide all-round support for normalized pandemic prevention and control.

The strong winds of the pandemic may be blowing, but the “knights in shining white coats” remain committed! As the Year of the Tiger approaches, let us forge ahead with vigor and vitality like the tiger, and fight the pandemic together. Safety and good health to our motherland and all of us in this New Year!

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