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  • The Rocking Sky Screening for Yintai Young Scholar Workshop: Feeling the Temperature of History in Image
    All trainees of the Yintai Foundation 2016 Young Scholar Workshop on "the Chiang Family and Modern Chinese History Research Program" watched The Rocking Sky, a documentary telling about the fight and romance of Chinese air force pilots during the War of Resistance against Japan. Zhang Zhaowei, Director of The Rocking Sky; Wu Yuan, the descendant of a Chinese air force pilot; Hangzhou's literary historians and local citizens also watched the documentary.
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  • Yintai Salon Ⅲ丨Chiang Kai-shek's emotional world: Nostalgia and kinship
    What is the personality of Chiang Kai-shek, an important figure in modern Chinese history? How did an unruly teenager in the eyes of his clansmen in Fenghua grow into a great man leading the Chinese nation against foreign aggression?
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  • 1st Yintai Young Scholar Workshop opens in ZJU
    The 2016 Young Scholar Workshop on "the Chiang Family and Modern Chinese History Research Program", hosted by Yintai Foundation and the Center for Chiang Kai-shek and Modern Chinese History, Zhejiang University, opened at Zhejiang University (ZJU) Xixi Campus. More than 40 tutors and trainees from countries and regions such as the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the U.S., the UK, Japan, South Korea and Italy attended the workshop.
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  • The Chiang Family and the Modern Chinese History Launched a Second Session of Yintai Salon in June , 2016
    Themed 'Interpreting the Republic of China: The Daily Routines of Politicians Versus History', the salon was set in the history of the Republic of China, and investigated the growth environment, characters, religious beliefs and hobbies of the Republic leaders, and these affected their decisions and behaviors and thereby the process of history, so as to deepen our understanding of historic characters and particular historic events out of the details of usual and unusual occurrences. Professor of Peking University's History Department, academic member of Yintai Foundation's 'The Chiang Family and the Modern Chinese History' program Wang Qisheng had a dialog with researcher of the CASS Institute of Modern History and director of the Republic of China History Laboratory Luo Min over this topic.
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