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  • Ningbo Fenghua No. 2 High School welcomes students back to school, with Shen Guojun Scholarships awarded for 7th consecutive year
    To date, a total of 1,048 outstanding teachers and students have been awarded the scholarships.
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  • Yintai Philanthropy | Charity sale of artistic derivatives
    A charity sale sponsored by the Adream Foundation and Yintai Foundation, and presented by Beijing Yintai Centre was held at the Centre between August 19 and 21.
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  • National Forestry and Grassland Administration convenes a special symposium to discuss Shen Guojun’s ecological environment proposal
    The symposium held a broad consultation on topics such as “the participation of social organizations in nature reserve governance”.
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  • Ocean alert! Shen Guojun and Ray Dalio in partnership to protect the ocean
    Making joint efforts on exploring and protecting the ocean, and sharing the importance and wonders of the ocean to the public.
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